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Draft Reaction: New York Giants select RB David Wilson

We’ll never know if the Giants had Doug Martin or David Wilson rated higher on their draft board, but we know that the Giants were spooked at least a little bit by the highly effective move by the Bucs to slide in ahead of them and take their second ranked RB.

I’ve had a first round grade all along on David Wilson, who might very well be the best receiving back in the draft.  While Doug Martin has a reputation for being a more complete and a better foundation back, Wilson is going to split time with Ahmad Bradshaw, a player who the Giants were not exactly looking to replace.

Wilson becomes the best receiving back on the Giants roster, offers the same power running that they had in Brandon Jacobs, but in a player that is a much better receiver and with Eli Manning’s ability to get the football out quickly, this move gives the Giants a screen game they did not have last season.  When they won the super bowl.

New York Giants Process Points: 4

  1. April 27, 2012 at 10:48 am

    I think the move threw surprised people because the Giants are usually go for the big athlete (regardless of position) early. I like the pick, these aren’t the Giants of the 80s. The offense is built around big plays. Now they can stop handing the ball to Ware.

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