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Draft Reaction: Minnesota selects OT Matt Kalil

The Minnesota Vikings had Matt Kalil targeted all along.  Just as we all thought.

The Vikings need a corner (or two corners) in this draft badly.  They were able to sell Morris Claiborne as a smokescreen.  But in their free agency plan, the Vikings never addressed left tackle.  They had only incumbent Charlie Johnson to play the position.  And the Vikings were not interested in trading outside of the top five at any point.  It was Kalil all along.

Kalil made the very most sense because of positional value.  The Vikings have their left tackle.  No one else in this draft is getting a pro-ready left tackle.  They’ll get full process points for this move.

Kalil doesn’t come without some red flags relating to his strength.  He might not ever be a top ten LT in the NFL.  If he’s not, this pick will be a slight reach.  However, it was a risk worth taking for the Vikings, who can now use Christian Ponder’s nifty footwork to work the ball down the field on play action.  And what better spot for a tackle who has some flags with his run blocking than to the team that employs Adrian Peterson and his $50 million contract.

Minnesota Vikings Process Points: 7

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