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Draft Reaction: Indianapolis selects QB Andrew Luck

What the Colts get in Andrew Luck

Their starting quarterback in 2012.  A chance to win a division immediately.  A prospect so highly touted, that he should be expected to fill the void left by Peyton Manning’s neck injury in 2011.  A good value.  A winner.  Underrated athleticism.  Underrated arm strength. Poise under pressure.  Accuracy.  A fresh start.  A quick rebuild.

What Andrew Luck gets in the Colts

A fanbase and a media market which has dealt with Peyton Manning for the last 14 seasons.  A young team with a ton of cap space.  A franchise that needs a face.  A roster with no bad contracts, lots of draft picks, and plenty of assets.  A franchise that will go off the board and away from convention if they need to in order to get an advantage.

What the Colts won’t get in Andrew Luck

Peyton Manning.  John Elway.  Johnny Unitas.  Cam Newton?  Luck has a very long way to go to be considered one of the game’s all time greats, and he may never get there.  He wouldn’t be the first player to get drafted first overall and fail to meet lofty expectations.

His worst case scenario might be as a Kenny Stabler type.  With Andrew Luck, he comes in with a few certainties.  Not among those certainties: that it will always look pretty.

What Andrew Luck won’t get in the Colts

A franchise that is begging someone to come out of the college ranks and teach them how to win consistently.  They’ll have some basic expectations for Luck right away.  A fanbase that is in position to demonstrate patience.  A realistic environment to develop in and make mistakes.  A pro bowl game in Honolulu to play in.  A guaranteed fifth year on his contract.  A lot of talent around him.  Black high-tops.  A jersey number above 17.

Indianapolis Colts Process Points: 5

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