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Draft Reaction: Houston selects LB Whitney Mercilus

Mercilus is being drafted to succeed Mario Williams via Connor Barwin as the weakside edge rusher in Wade Phillips’ scheme, and while the Texans do have the benefit of time on their side thanks to the strength of their 2011 draft, it feels like they missed the boat as the run on edge rushers happened from 16th through 21st.  A trade up might have been beneficial for the Texans.

Anyway, time will tell if Mercilus is worth the pick that the Texans spent on him, but the Texans had needs everywhere.  This is maybe an explanation for why they didn’t trade up with those needs.  But then Mercilus seems like a bit of a reach coming deep on the back end of that run on pass rushers.

The difference between Mercilus and Courtney Upshaw (not picked in round one) is that Mercilus is a better height/length/quickness project, but Upshaw is the better football player.  Mercilus is exclusively an edge rusher.  I am definately interested to see how this pick works out.  I was flat wrong on the Texans haul last year.  Right now though, I’m still skeptical.

Houston Texans Process Points: 1

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