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Draft Reaction: Cleveland selects RB Trent Richardson

The Cleveland Browns dealt 4th, 5th, and 7th round picks to swap places with the Minnesota Vikings — who weren’t considering Trent Richardson with their pick — which speaks volumes about how hot the market for the third pick must have been.

This is the correct move by the Browns.  Sure, they panicked and it cost them three of their thirteen picks in this year’s draft, but its through carefully building up that many picks that the Browns had this kind of flexibility to ensure they got it right in the first round.  It won’t be a perfect draft day for Cleveland, but that may have been the case when the Redskins beat them for RG3.  It certainly is starting off on the right foot.

Trent Richardson makes the otherwise talent-lacking Cleveland Browns a legitimate playoff contender in the 2012 season.  He makes Colt McCoy a viable pro quarterback even with arm strength concerns in Cleveland.  And they still pick three other times in the first 70 picks.  They can get the help they need to compete immediately.

Mike Holmgren’s tenure as Team President of the Browns will be entirely defined by the work he does tonight and into this weekend.  He set himself up by doing well in the first two rounds last year, but his roster is still very much incomplete at best, and talent-deficient at its worst.  Trent Richardson was the best possible pick to help that problem: even a better fit in Cleveland than Robert Griffin III would have been.

Cleveland Browns Process Points: 5

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