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Hard to Ignore: Teams are not scoring runs on opening day

Watching baseball in April isn’t anything like watching baseball in July.  I get that.  Common belief dictates that pitching starts ahead of hitting, and that the cold weather certainly doesn’t favor those holding the lumber.  But with the way that offensive totals have collapsed over the last two seasons, I was anxious to see how long it would take for the game to rebound in the direction of offense.

And as the first day of baseball occurs, there’s some more evidence that baseball is trending away from offense.

There are no conclusions to be made from this post, as the sample size is too small.  But for those of us looking for evidence that offense will be on the rebound, it is difficult to watch flyballs get knocked down in caught in the outfield at an astounding rate while teams

I enjoy the late comebacks as much as any fan (and we’ve had three already by the Red Sox, Nationals, and Blue Jays on Opening Day), but if baseball is going to ever compete with football or basketball again in terms of TV ratings, it would seem like the only way would be to create an offensive environment that swings the score back and forth like often happens in football.  If the first team to score leads throughout the first six innings, then I’m not sure the product will ever be compelling enough for the die hards, let alone the casual fan.

And I’m not sure that baseball can support a continued trend towards a tougher run-scoring environment.  Baseball could use the volatility.  Which means that although MLB has to be pretty happy with the exciting endings that they’ve gotten on Opening Day, even the purists have to be concerned that no team scored more than 4 runs today in the first nine innings.  And I’m skeptical enough to believe the Dodgers and Padres are going to force us to wait until tomorrow to break that streak.

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