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Tale of the Tape: NFL Week 12 — Jaguars at Giants

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - NOVEMBER 28: Marcedes Lewis  of the Jacksonville Jaguars makes a catch as Deon Grant  and Aaron Ross  of the New York Giants defend during their game on November 28, 2010 at The New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

A LiveBall Sports Game Tape Review:

  • The Jaguars offense was dominant over the Giants defense in the first half.  Jacksonville’s offense works methodically.  RB Maurice Jones-Drew is the big play threat.
  • The Giants are a big play offense without any healthy big play players.  WRs Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks missed this game with injuries.  RB Ahmad Bradshaw is the only dynamic player on this offense, and he has to split time with the plodding Brandon Jacobs.
  • These are two remarkably similar teams.  Giants HC Tom Coughlin’s influence in this game was evident.  The Giants are just a little bit better at every level than the Jaguars, which makes a bigger difference on the defensive end than the offensive end.
  • The Giants ability to protect Eli Manning (zero sacks allowed in month of November) is more about scheme and Manning than about the offensive line.  Without David Diehl and Shaun O’Hara (injury), the Giants strive to give Manning a clean pocket by keeping extra guys in and stretching the line of scrimmage to give Manning space.  Getting the  ball out in good timing is one of Manning’s best skills.
  • There is little diversification in the Giants passing game right now.  The receivers are the ones running all long and intermediate routes.  The backs and tight ends have the short stuff.  Mario Manningham is the lone dependable receiver on the offense.
  • I really like Giants no. 2 TE Travis Beckum and think he has a lot of potential.  He’s not the great blocker the Giants would require to increase his playing time though.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew is never given enough credit for his blocking.  I think Arian Foster is the only more complete back in the NFL than Jones-Drew right now.
  • Jags WR Mike Thomas is not the deep threat the Jaguars are using him as.
  • Jags QB David Garrard looks very comfortable in this offense.  I think ultimately, his future is as the backup QB on the Giants.  Right now, he’s playing the last five weeks for his 2011 season.
  • Garrard was fooled a couple of times by dropping defensive linemen on zone blitz concepts, but the Giants didn’t take advantage of these mistakes.  DE Justin Tuck dropped an easy interception.
  • Bradshaw is more similar to Jones-Drew than any other back in football.
  • After dominating the first half, the Jaguars should have been able to control the start of the second half as well.  This was a Jaguars breakdown more than a Giants comeback.
  • Jaguars DT Terrence Knighton is a superstar nose tackle who is unblockable.  He puts a couple of low-effort plays on film a game, but he can potentially be a three down player in this defense.
  • I’m not sure DT Tyson Alualu will ever be a three down defensive lineman in the same defense though.  He’s an excellent three technique, but needs to be protected by that scheme to make his plays.  Defenses are getting more diverse in the NFL which could limit him to being a 35 snap per game D-Lineman.  He could be a 5 sack per year guy in that role.
  • A rare safety blitz from the Jaguars got to Eli Manning on third down.  He scrambled for a yard to nullify the sack attempt by Sean Considine, but you can pressure the Giants into mistakes in third down situations if you have good coverage players.
  • One of the best scheme advantages of the Giants offense is to force the other team to defend them exclusively with four man rushes.  Manning will take all the time you give him if you rush just three.  And it’s hard to consistently get the Giants in long yardage situations.  They are better at five yard gains than any other team in the NFL.
  • The Giants predominantly play a lot of cover two because they can stop your running game with just seven guys.
  • To run on the Giants, you need to get on them with man blocking concepts and trap their aggressive ends and tackles.  The Jags had success pulling LG Vince Manuwai to get up on DT Chris Canty.  C Brad Meester had a remarkable game setting protections and getting up on the Giants DL and MLB.
  • The Jaguars also tried to run a little zone stretch, but they were playing without their starting tackle tandem, Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton.  The best edge blockers for the Jags in this game were TEs Zach Miller and Marcedes Lewis, and their pulling guards.
  • Marcedes Lewis is a match-up nightmare for defense.  The Giants can consider themselves lucky that Mike Sims-Walker had a bad game because he could have been the difference with the number of opportunities he had.
  • The Giants almost exclusively went with six and seven man protection schemes.  Had the Jaguars any confidence that their secondary could match up with the Giants receivers in man to man, this game would have had a different outcome.
  • Whenever they wanted to get TE Kevin Boss involved, the Giants went with play action to get him into the intermediate zone.
  • Eli Manning tore up the Jags zones in the second half, particularly FS Courtney Greene.  This is why the Giants were able to overcome being physically dominated to win.
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