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Tale of the Tape: NFL Week 8 — Packers at Jets

A LiveBall Sports Game Tape Review.

This was a fascinating game to analyze for a number of reasons.  Both teams operate at less than ideal offensive efficiency and sport defenses that fly around.  The result was a game that was 3-0 in favor of the Packers through three quarters.

  • Though the Packers held the Jets to the NFL’s first shutout this year, the Jets defense was the better performing unit in this one.
  • Green Bay doesn’t have any semblance of a running game to take the pressure off of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  The Jets have an excellent run defense as well, but it was more than just the Jets being dominant: short yardage, long yardage, inside, outside, the Packers couldn’t do anything on the ground.
  • Packers TE Andrew Quarless looks the part of the match-up nightmare that the Packers like at TE, but Jermichael Finley he is not.  Quarless is a rookie who doesn’t make the plays that were there for him to make.
  • Green Bay actually was able to put the Jets defense in a bind when they took Quarless off the field in the second half.  The Packers had great success throwing to wide receivers Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson in the second half.
  • The book on defensing Aaron Rodgers this year has been to rush three guys and take away his throwing options, as he usually needs to break the pocket in order to buy himself time.  A problem for the Jets is that they don’t have any every down pass rushers in their starting lineup, so they didn’t get a lot of pressures or hits on Rodgers in the early going.
  • Clearly, Rodgers is in no rhythm in this injury-riddled offense.  I think Rodgers has come a long way from last year because against a good defense, he still managed to make a few plays and conversions in this game, but he really has to scratch out whatever he can get from the defense.  I think ultimately, Aaron Rodgers is going to be an improved player for the adversity he is facing every week this year.
  • The defenses in this game played aggressive press-man coverage.  The Packers receivers weren’t really getting open against the Jets coverage, but at times, Rodgers was able to win in the pre-snap phase of the play, drawing favorable match-ups.  When the Jets won pre-snap, Rodgers typically lost the play.
  • The Jets can’t generate pressure with the non-rushers on their defensive front, so they eventually had to start bringing pressure packages.  Because of the struggles of the Packers’ skill players, they were able to create coverage sacks on Rodgers with man coverage behind blitzes.  This is still a great blitzing team.
  • The Packers’ defensive front, and DL Cullen Jenkins in particular, really was the key in this game, winning the line of scrimmage battle with the physical Jets OL, and playing disciplined to take away the cutback lanes for LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene, who were mostly limited to short gains.
  • The Packers were very content to give up short passes from Mark Sanchez.  They played a lot of single high safety coverages with man underneath.  Against Sanchez, FS Nick Collins could get from the middle of the field to either sideline, and thus the Packers didn’t need to play a second high safety to stop the Jets passing game.
  • The Jets receivers were open more than the Packers receivers were, and Sanchez had a lot of time to make plays against three and four man rushes by the Packers.  There were two problems that doomed the Jets: Sanchez didn’t always put the ball on the money, and in the event that he did, the receivers usually botched the play.
  • The Jets receiver playing the best right now is, believe it or not, Braylon Edwards.  Santonio Holmes was a non-factor.  He’s was open a couple of times, but can’t get on the same page as Sanchez.
  • Sanchez extended plays consistently, got outside the pocket and bought time.  It didn’t seem to matter, because either he’d fail to execute a throw to an open receiver, not see the open receiver, or the receiver would play an easy completion into an interception.
  • Packers DB Charles Woodson outplayed Jets DB Darrelle Revis.
  • The Jets wasted a bunch of offensive plays with gadget plays that never resulted in anything but negative yards or turnovers, if anything.
  • This was not Jets C Nick Mangold‘s best game, as he struggled against the Packers’ front.
  • Deeper passes to his left always hung up in the wind on Sanchez.  Sanchez struggles to that side anyway, but the wind was really a factor in this game.
  • Pass protection for Rodgers was good enough, but broke down when Rodgers missed his own assignment.  Rex Ryan fooled Rodgers a number of times in this game.  Unfortunately, the plays where Rodgers wasn’t fooled were the difference.
  • The Jets passing game executed down the field more than the Packers passing game did, which is why they had more yards at the end of the game.  There were more total threats to score for the Jets than the Packers.
  • Dropped passes and missed opportunities were the reason the Jets lost a winnable game.  Jericho Cotchery was the number one contributor to the problem, but certainly wasn’t the only one making errors.
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