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Tale of the Tape: NFL Week 7 — Bengals at Falcons

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A LiveBall Sports Game Tape Review.

This section looks at the Bengals offense against the Falcons defense.

  • Cedric Benson was elusive and powerful in this game, and was the best weapon the Bengals had in this game.
  • Chad Ochocinco ran really good routes in this game.  With Terrell Owens in the lineup, Ocho doesn’t run as many deep routes since Cincinnati takes those shots with Owens.
  • Brent Grimes is the Falcons best corner, and as long as Saints CB Jabari Greer is injured, he’s going to be the best corner in the NFC South division.
  • The timing of a 3rd down play by the Bengals was thrown off by crowd noise: Ochocinco didn’t release at the snap, then Carson Palmer had to throw the ball to his pre-snap side, and was nearly intercepted.
  • 2009 1st round pick RT Andre Smith started in this game, and he looked bad.  Smith couldn’t find anyone to block in run blocking, and the crowd noise sometimes hurt the way he got out of his stance.  When he got a good release, Smith was a pretty effective pass blocker.  But his sound run blocks in this game were few and far between.
  • The Bengals still can’t protect Carson Palmer with five guys and they know it.  There was a lot of 6 and 7 man protections in this game.
  • If the Falcons need to work on something, it’s that when the Bengals only put two or three receivers in the route, they got open deep, and quickly.  CB Christopher Owens was a target of the Bengals all day and veteran CB Brian Williams was torched as well.
  • WR Jordan Shipley is very, very talented, and SS William Moore for the Falcons lacks any kind of man to man coverage ability.  The Bengals got a long TD because they caught the Falcons in a blitz, and had this matchup.  Palmer threw the ball 7 yards, and Shipley added 55 more after the catch.
  • The decline of Terrell Owens as a receiver is a big problem with the Bengals passing offense.  They still keep throwing the ball to him, but rarely does Owens come up with a play.
  • Falcons LDE Kroy Biermann is a great player who doesn’t have prototypical size for a 4-3 end, but does nothing but win at the line of scrimmage.  He decleated Andre Smith on two different running plays, just putting the former Alabama tackle on the ground.
  • Carson Palmer got hit too many times in this game for the number of guys the Bengals had in protection.  The protection unit for the Bengals simply is not good enough, and the Falcons — who weren’t shy about blitzing — got to Palmer with most 4- and 3-man rushes
  • The Bengals have a problem getting TE Jermaine Gresham involved in the meaningful parts of the game, probably due to the protection issues.  Gresham caught passes in this game, but was not a factor in the outcome.  He defers playing time to Reggie Kelly for protection reasons.
  • I thought the Falcons LB’s have a lot of room for improvement.  Curtis Lofton showed up on tape in this game, but there’s too much talent in this unit to be dominated by the Bengals offense.  Stephen Nicholas and Mike Peterson started in this game with Lofton.

This section looks at the Falcons offense against the Bengals defense

  • For the names at the LB level for the Bengals, they were beaten to a pulp today by the offensive line of the Falcons, particularly LBs Ray Maualuga and Brandon Johnson.
  • RG Harvey Dahl is the most impressive of all the Falcons lineman, he’s a true road-grader who will move anything backwards.
  • On the other side of the interior line, DT Domata Peko who plays the 0-technique for the Bengals is back from injury and ready to perform as a top defensive lineman in the AFC.
  • Matt Ryan threw the ball really well in this game.  He trusts all of his wide receivers, but really only had two guys he should trust, one of which is is future hall of fame TE Tony Gonzalez.
  • I think the Falcons’ second best wide receiver is the ageless Brian Finneran, who caught the TD pass in the first drive of this game.
  • The other, of course, is Roddy White, who was uncoverable in this game.  White made one-handed catches, vertical leaping catches, catches where he had to outrun everyone in the secondary to get to the ball, catches where he caught the ball and had to outrun everyone, juggling catches, sideline catches, and catches for the sake of catches.
  • The Bengals CB duo in this game of Adam Jones and Leon Hall was excellent, but ultimately ineffective simply because White was that much better.  Jones went on IR after the game, so hopefully the Bengals can get Jonathon Joseph back soon.
  • Michael Turner has excellent feet.  He’s quicker than he is fast, and has a power running style that can obscure how quick he really is.
  • Conversely, RB Jason Snelling had too many opportunities to break a tackle and make an impact in this game, with 19 yards on 9 touches.  Snelling cannot waste good blocking and open field opportunity and put out an output like that.  Should have had a walk in TD in the first quarter with all the defenders blocked, but he couldn’t squeeze through a tight hole.
  • The Falcons love to pull linemen and get up on the linebackers in the running game, and Michael Turner is the perfect back for the job.
  • Ultimately, the Bengals lack a strong pass rusher off the edge.  Their coverage units allow them the flexibility to blitz and generate pressure, but it’s hard to keep elite players like Roddy White off the scoreboard when you have to manufacture pressure on the quarterback.
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