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Fantasy Slumpers and Fantasy Dumpers: Week 7

Each week we will try to take a look at some struggling players in fantasy football and whether they are just slumping or worthy of dumping. This week will take a look at players who struggled in Week 6.

The Slumpers

Kyle Orton

Orton had by far his worst game of the year against the Jets in Week 6, totaling just over 200 yards with a touchdown that could have been overturned if challenged. After an impressive performance against the Baltimore Ravens the prior week, Orton struggled early and the Broncos began to run the ball and operate in a more pro-style offense. Even so, this shouldn’t be an indication of things to come for Orton or the Broncos. The running game is still anemic and the Broncos will continue to put the ball in the air. Consider this matchup against the Jets a once-in-a-season occurrence.

Miles Austin

Miles Austin

Austin had a quiet showing in “America’s Game”, but he did have one huge touchdown grab called back on a relatively minor offensive pass interference penalty. Tony Romo was checking down a lot in this game and the Cowboys were more committed to the run than in weeks prior. Austin has had one other down week this year, but has completely exploded in the other weeks. Until he puts up several poor games, there is little reason to be concerned and think of this week as anything more than a bad game.

Michael Turner

Turner is back in the full-time role for the Falcons, but had a slow day on the ground in Week 6, gaining only 45 yards on 15 carries. The Falcons had only 18 rushes on the day after the Eagles went up big early. His big play ability means weeks like these could easily come before a huge performance. The Falcons should be hanging a lot closer with teams in the future and Turner will continue to be one of the better fantasy options out there at running back.

The Dumpers

Brett Favre

Favre’s elbow tendonitis has been greatly talked about in the last week. The consensus seems to be that he won’t miss any time, but the Week 6 game against the Cowboys is probably an indication of the offensive approach the Vikings will take. Favre had a nice game in terms of playing winning football, going 14/19 for 119 yards and a touchdown. However, this wasn’t that great for fantasy owners and it probably won’t get too much better. The Vikings recognize their best offensive asset is Adrian Peterson, and unlike Chester Taylor, he can’t be used nearly as effectively in the passing game. As a result, the Vikings will continue to run the ball more if not also to rest Favre’s arm in case of a late-game comeback attempt. Randy Moss is a nice addition for the Favre and the Vikings, which will probably keep some touchdowns coming, but Favre is ultimately a fringe starter in fantasy football.

Devin Hester

If you are in a fantasy league that gives you points for individual return yards, you can disregard this section of the post. If not, then Hester is quickly losing his value as a wide receiver option. For one, the re-emergence of Hester as a returner will likely cause the Bears to decrease his snaps on offense. Additionally, fellow wide receiver Devin Aromashodu returned to a fairly regular role in the past week, indicating that there will be less opportunities for Hester. The struggles of the Bears’ offensive line will hurt Hester even more, and he is not even the featured deep threat amongst the team’s receivers (that would be Johnny Knox). Many had high hopes for him going into the season, but the early results are what we can continue to expect. Any owner should strongly consider dumping Hester if a better option is available.

Jahvid Best

Things keep getting worse for Jahvid Best after his early-season explosion. He has been bothered by a toe injury and has only averaged greater than four yards per carry twice this year. His prominence in the passing game retains some value, but owners will be lucky to see him run more than 15 times per game given the state of the Lions. Additionally, Best’s continued struggles will likely mean more carries for Kevin Smith going forward, cutting into his potential points. He could still be an option as a second running back in certain weeks, but shouldn’t be relied on as anything more.

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