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2010 NFL Draft Predictions

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I’ve got a few things I’m hearing leading up to the draft.  I’ll polish off a few Mock-free predictions prior to the Rams going on the clock.

  1. Remember above all: offensive tackles are the currency of the draft right now.  For all the talk about Eric Berry’s draft stock, or C.J. Spiller’s draft stock, or any number of the first round defensive linemen in this draft, or even Jimmy Clausen: the players who are going to pace the first round are the group of linemen at the top: Russell Okung, Trent Williams, Brian Bulaga, and Mike Iupati.  Teams will trade around the idea of landing these guys, up or down.
  2. With that said, safeties are becoming a backup currency of sorts.  Eric Berry and Earl Thomas have watched their values skyrocket the last two days, and with Taylor Mays dropping, it’s going to push up the value of those safeties, perhaps into the top ten.
  3. I think four quarterbacks are going to be picked in the first round, and you know who those four are.  I’m thinking Jimmy Clausen will NOT be the second quarterback taken in this draft.  I don’t think there’s any real chance he gets out of the first round.  As soon as the first round tackles all get taken, the QBs market can keep up.
  4. I have a feeling that Tim Tebow is going to be the second QB taken, and I think Cleveland will trade down and get him in the middle of the first round.  I wouldn’t rule out McCoy as the no. 2 guy just yet.
  5. I think the Lions will take Ndamukong Suh, but they won’t sit on that pick tonight.  They will look for value in the back end of the first round, but not necessarily to take a RB.  I think they’ll look for an offensive lineman or a corner.
  6. I think, ultimately, the Redskins are looking to trade down from no. 4 and that’s what the buzz around Eric Berry is primarily about.  But if they are forced to stay put, I have no idea what they are going to do.
  7. I know how badly the NFC East powers Dallas and Philadelphia want to trade up, but I think quietly, the Giants want to trade up into the top ten even more.  They will have plenty of chances to do so.
  8. Watch the Jags and Browns if they trade down: I think they’ll be major players in the QB market.  Neither appears to be high on Jimmy Clausen, which is why I think up to three QBs could go before Clausen.
  9. It’s the Bills that are going to hold the key to the draft.  They are likely stuck with the ninth overall choice, but who they pick could set off a flurry of trades…or it might not.

That’s what I’ve got for the first day, but today’s activity is going to be just the beginning of this weekend’s events.  The last eight picks or so in the first round are going to be critical for a bunch of veterans who could end up traded for picks by 5:00 tomorrow.

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