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Jaguars Creating Smoke, but is there any Fire here?

It sure felt like the Jaguars were playing the spoiler role against the Texans’ playoff hopes at home this Sunday.  On the season, the Texans have accomplished more impressive feats than the Jags, and after the Titans won five games in a row to get back into the AFC Wild Card race, the Jaguars were an afterthought at best.


Aside from cheap attendance jokes and puns, the Jaguars win over the Texans puts the team at 7-5 on the season, and right in the thick of the AFC Playoff race.

If the Jags are going to get to January, they will have to go through both Indianapolis and New England to get there.  But the most important game is next week’s intrastate showdown with the 6-6 Dolphins.

How much credit should we give the Jaguars?  Well, for starters, this is more or less the same team it’s been the last two seasons.  It’s a highly efficient offense that lacks explosive-play ability, despite having Maurice Jones-Drew in the backfield.  It’s a well-concieved offense that stays inside it’s limits and gives Jones Drew his touches.  The linebackers are active and can support the run as well as any in the league, but the Jags have no ability whatsoever to get after a passer and the coverage units have been largely a disappointment outside of 3rd round rookie Torrie Cox (William & Mary).  Josh Scobee is not having a good year on field goals.

This is who the Jags are.  Last year, they went 5-11 with this team.  This year, they’ve already won more games than that, as they will finish no worse than 7-9, and 8-8 should be easily obtainable.  To get to the playoffs though, the Jags need to get to 10 wins, or at the very least, 9 wins with help.  Of course, that help is going to have to come from themselves.  The Miami Dolphins play a whole bunch of winnable games down the stretch.  The Jaguars lose the tiebreaker to them if they lose to them head-to-head this week.  A simple win at home would put away the Dolphins as a wild card contender, move the Jaguars to 8-5, and put them alone in the drivers seat for the playoff.  And a loss…well, that makes the Jags just the same old team.  Just not good enough.

Is there fire here?  Ask me again next week, when the fate of the Jags is clear.

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