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Week 13 NFL Picks

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Philadelpha at Atlanta Matt Ryan is out.  Chris Redman is in.  DeSean Jackson is out, Reggie Brown is in.  Two terrible offenses will play in the Georgia dome the day after two great college defenses play there.  The Eagles defense has achieved excellence despite a whole lot of preseason adversity, which is more than the offense can say.  The Falcons defense might look good in this one, but it may hardly matter.

Tampa Bay at Carolina Wait, so Jake Delhomme is sidelined this week, and that’s causing people to lean towards the Bucs in this one?  Delhomme has hurt his team all year, and Matt Moore has no film on him.  Josh Freeman is on film now, and he might have beat a much better Packers team in his first career start.  He just won’t be able to handle the Panthers this week.

St. Louis at Chicago It’s hard to see Bears correcting any of their issues on either side of the ball in one week, which means that I don’t believe they will have a solution for Steven Jackson on the ground.  The Rams can bring a pass rush from time to time, and will put Jay Cutler in trouble.  He’ll have open receivers, but I’m not sure he will find them quickly enough.

Detroit at Cincinnati Cincinnati barely sold this game out, not that they had any help from the visiting team.  They’ll go out there and win without a problem.  Bengals.

Tennessee at Indianapolis The two undefeated NFL teams are in similar situations this week, with a significant probability of victory, but they still both have to watch their opponents.  Tennessee and Washington are sub-.500 teams playing like .700 teams right now.  Again, though, the Colts are undefeated for a reason.  They’re the better team, so they’ll get an edge.

Houston at Jacksonville I’ll say this: if you are looking for at team that might win all five of it’s remaining games to make the playoffs, the Texans have the right blend of talent to win that many in a row.  Problem is, even if they make a herculean effort to knock off 4 inferior teams in a row here, it will all be for naught if the lose to the Patriots at home in January.

Denver at Kansas City Hard to call with much certainty here, so I’ll side with the Chiefs.  Improved safety play in the last few weeks will help them match-up with Brandon Marshall down the field, and Kyle Orton really hasn’t finished a season strong in his career.  I like Kansas City.

New England at Miami I think Miami has as good a chance here to drop the New England in consecutive games as any team has this year, but the Patriots are simply too good to lose this one late in the fourth.

Oakland at Pittsburgh The Steelers win in an absolute massacre.  It’s over in the second quarter.

New Orleans at Washington Very similar to the Tennessee-Indianapolis, the Redskins have a measurable chance at an upset, but playing the percentages, I’m siding with the Saints.

San Diego at Cleveland Unless something changes in the way the Chargers are playing, this game has pretty much already been decided.  If it’s even close, the Chargers might be in trouble the rest of the year.

Dallas at NY Giants At home, I’m really going to like the Giants ability to do it on the ground, and not with Brandon Jacobs…I like rookie Gartrell Johnson, a Chargers draft pick, and I think that he and fullback Madison Hedgecock will be the difference here.

San Francisco at Seattle The Seahawks are at home, but the disappointment of the last two seasons will come to a head here today.  Alex Smith, thought at one point to be an irreparable bust, will have his way against the tattered remains of the Seahawks secondary as the 49ers win in a high scoring affair.

Minnesota at Arizona Big game in Arizona tonight, where certainly, the Cardinals defense will not be unprepared to handle the Vikings offense.  They’ve been under the radar for weeks now, and if there’s anyone left on the Vikings scheduled who can hand them their second loss, it’s the Cardinals.

Baltimore at Green Bay Baltimore needs this game more, but at Lambeau in December, it’s a tall task to ask the Ravens to correct the defensive issues that gave up two TDs to Dennis Dixon last week.  They’ll hit Aaron Rodgers around a bit, but without Terrell Suggs, I’m going to take the Packers.

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