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Week 10 NFL Picks

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Chicago at San Francisco The Bears do not play defense well right now, and they do not play offense well right now.  That’s usually a losing combination, but since they always play special teams well, you just never know.  I predict a lot of defined reads for Alex Smith all night, which will lead to impressive ball distribution and a pair of Frank Gore TDs tonight in a 49ers win.

Atlanta at Carolina Atlanta’s defense has really looked terrible in recent weeks and the Panthers‘ offensive woes are no longer at such a dire level which you might see in Cleveland or Oakland.  Right now, the Panthers can run the ball and ride their defense to a six win season.

Tampa Bay at Miami The Dolphins rushing machine gets it’s chance to show the Bucs how to rebuild in a way that maskes talent deficiencies, and the defense will have no issue battering around Josh Freeman a little bit.

Detroit at Minnesota Coming off of a bye week, this is pretty cruel of the NFL schedule-makers.  I know they didn’t know Brett Favre would be 1) in purple, and 2) dominating the league as such, but the Vikings were one of the opponents Lions fans could get excited about playing.  With a rested Vikings team, this now looks like a massacre.

Jacksonville at New York Jets Really, this game simply comes down to Jacksonville’s ability to avoid the stupid execution errors in the passing game that prevent them from being one of the better offenses in the league.  History sees a trend and so do I:  have to go with the Jets here.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh The last time Pittsburgh got to play an upstart 6-2 division contender in the midst of a dream season, the Washington Redskins got brutally exposed.  Let’s just say I think the Steelers will have this one wrapped up with ten minutes to go in the third quarter.

New Orleans at St. Louis The Rams will win because, because….ah, darn.  Saints take it in a rout.

Buffalo at Tennessee Are the Vince Young-led Titans for real?  Yes, yes they are.  Here comes that reality: Buffalo wins.

Denver at Washington I actually like the Redskins in an upset bid.  I say this knowing the Redskins will have no answer for Elvis Dumerville, but any chance it looked like the Broncos had to win in this game preseason involved the domination of the Redskins defensive line by a much younger, much better Broncos OL.  That line now starts guys like Tyler Polumbus and Russ Hochstein.  If it comes down to the Redskins’ ability to score 17 points against an aging, aggressive Broncos secondary, Santana Moss might earn his paycheck this week.

Kansas City at Oakland The Raiders come off of a bye and get Darren McFadden, Robert Gallery, and Chaz Schilens back.  Those are three of the four best offensive players for the Raiders.  Kansas City can close this talent gap by simply playing as if the opponent were the Raiders.  Given their recent history (1-2 since 2008), they even do that wrong.

Seattle at Arizona It’s hard for any team to handle Arizona if they get down early, but the Seahawks are playing shorthanded every week.  In one of the more somber changing of the guard in recent memory, I like the Cardinals.

Dallas at Green Bay In a fourth quarter shootout, I’ll take the Cowboys to move to 7-2.  Green Bay really should catch a lazy team napping, but I think the Dallas defense has enough to prove that they’ll keep the Packers offense under wraps for the early part of the game.  Then, who knows?

Philadelphia at San Diego San Diego is good enough, in my estimation, to beat two NFC East “powers” in back to back weeks.  It really hasn’t been an impressive run to 5-3, but honestly, did you really think the Broncos were going to win the AFC West?  Really?  Where were you last year?  The Chargers start the ascension to get Norv Turner into the playoffs for a third straight season.

New England at Indianapolis:  Pats.

Baltimore at Cleveland Brady Quinn is free!  And the Cleveland defense should be good enough to keep the Browns in this game.  Ravens by a field goal.  And not a Steve Hauschka FG.  21-18.

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