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Week 9 NFL Picks

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Washington at Atlanta Washington’s offense has a really good chance to get healthy this week against a reeling Falcons’ defense, but likewise, Matt Ryan should get healthy against the Redskins’ secondary this week.  Falcons take the game by a ten point margin.

Arizona at Chicago The Bears should win this game, as long as they don’t spend too long trying to run the football against a very good run defense.  The Bears’ pressure schemes can break down Arizona’s protections, and Kurt Warner is going to struggle to produce.

Baltimore at Cincinnati If the Bengals want to prove that they don’t need a TD pass in the final :30 to beat a division opponent, this would be a good week to prove that.  For me, I’ll side with the better team, the Ravens.

Houston at Indianapolis This game is being described as the biggest game in the history of the Houston Texans.  It’s not really, for one thing, it’s not like they become the favorite to win the division even if they win today.  As for winning, even though the Colts secondary is weakened, I don’t think Peyton Manning can be stopped, and certainly not by the Texans.

Kansas City at Jacksonville Um.  Ew.  I’ll say that the Chiefs win.

Miami at New England As the media waits with baited breath as to what new wrinkles the wildcat will bring, the Patriots will employ the tried and true method of lighting up the scoreboard, making a running game irrelevant.

Green Bay at Tampa Bay Josh Freeman makes his Buccaneers debut against an opponent who knows how to make it very, very hard on a rookie: the Packers.

Carolina at New Orleans Peter King wants to know how this game can sport a double digit line after Carolina ran the ball on the Cards last week.  Just watch the Saints go.

Detroit at Seattle At home, the Seahawks should be able to pick up the pieces and beat a Lions team fighting hard to stay relevant.

San Diego at New York Giants By far the most intriguing match-up of the day, the Chargers are a good opponent for the Giants offense to get right against.  Problem is, that you just can’t slow down the now multi-faceted Chargers offense with convention defensive methods.  The Giants will be slow to adapt, and they’ll drop to 5-4.

Tennessee at San Francisco If Alex Smith is for real, this game will be the litmus test.  Five years tell me that the Titans will have a solution for him and Vernon Davis, and offer plenty of opportunities for Vince Young to win a game.

Dallas at Philadelphia Right now, the way the Eagles defense is playing, it’s not realistic that any team would be able to beat them.  The Cowboys are functioning at a high level, but ultimately, are just another team who has little chance to handle the Eagles, especially if Donovan McNabb is on.

Pittsburgh at Denver I predict that Ryan Clark will not play with that sickle-cell trait, but with Troy Polamalu back in the lineup, it won’t matter.  The Steelers are the best team on the field, and will get out of Denver with a victory.

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