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Week 8 NFL Picks

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Denver at Baltimore Both teams come off a bye which means that even after this game ends, you’ll have to take what happens there with a grain of salt.  Baltimore benefits more from having the bye: they’ll need Jared Gaither back at LT to have a chance, but I’m going to predict that the Broncos magical start will last for one more week.

Houston at Buffalo This is exactly the kind of game that can make Buffalo’s season with a win, and you just can’t dismiss them easily at home.  Of course, there’s little doubt that Houston is the better team.  It’s not an easy game to pick, but I’ll say that Houston holds on in the fourth quarter.

Cleveland at Chicago The Chicago OL is making a change that LG, with Josh Beekman back in there for the ineffective Frank Omiyale.  The other thing that will ensure the Bears victory: poor Cleveland pass rush.  And blocking.  And quarterback play.

Seattle at Dallas There’s no doubt the Seahawks will be ready for this match-up.  Can they defend what Dallas can do to them?  It really depends on how diverse the Cowboys are in their attack.  Want an educated guess?  Not enough to beat the Seahawks at home.

Miami at NY Jets As much as I admire the way Miami runs their offense, and realize that the Jets defense is a shell of what it was at the beginning of the season, Miami barely held off the Jets last time at home, and now on the road, they don’t really have a great chance to beat New York.

San Francisco at Indianapolis I don’t agree with Reggie Bush that the Saints can or will go undefeated.  But the longer they go without a loss, the less focus will be on the team that actually can: the Colts.

NY Giants at Philadelphia Donovan McNabb is really struggling right now, but the Giants’ secondary is the perfect remedy for him and the rest of the Eagles offense.

St. Louis at Detroit Detroit is bringing their A game with Stafford and Calvin Johnson back in the lineup.  I just happen to think the Rams are a little bit better on both side of the ball.

Oakland at San Diego On opening night, the Raiders held the lead as late in the game at the two minute warning.  With this game in San Diego, the Chargers should lead from the second minute on.

Jacksonville at Tennessee Does Vince Young give the Titans a chance to get their first win.  It will be hard to be less productive than Kerry Collins was, but I think Young plays right into the hands of what the Jaguars want to do defensively.

Minnesota at Green Bay This game really wasn’t all that close the first time these two teams played.  I think you’ll see a better effort from the Packers’ defense, but more of the same from the Packers’ offense.  The Vikings will win a close run.

Carolina at Arizona To say that the Cardinals’ game was the beginning of the end for Jake Delhomme ignores the periodic disaster of a game he struggled with all of last year.  To say that this Cardinals team could spell the end of the Delhomme era, well, that’s just stating the obvious.

Atlanta at New Orleans I’m picking the Saints to stay undefeated along with the Broncos and Colts for one more week.

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