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Week 7 NFL Picks

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Picking the thirteen games that will kickoff today and tomorrow.

Season record: 54-36 (60%).

Green Bay at Cleveland Cleveland has struggled to move the ball all year, and they’re more likely to give up points on offense than they are to score them.  Green Bay can’t protect their quarterback, but he’s not going to make enough mistakes for it to matter.  Packers.

San Francisco at Houston With the way Matt Schaub is finding seams in coverage, the 49ers’ gameplan to slow down Steve Slaton won’t much matter.  The world wants to see what Michael Crabtree is made of, but the Texans’ defense is coming together at the right time, specifically the pass rush (not so much the coverage).

San Diego at Kansas City In a game that could end up being a barn burner, Kansas City won’t really be able to keep up, as the Chargers get back to .500.

Indianapolis at St. Louis I have no thoughts on this game.  Just a pick.  Colts.

New England at Tampa Bay (London, Wembley Stadium).  The grass at Wembley stadium never holds up, which will negate a lot of the speed advantage the Pats have.  It won’t negate the chasm in coaching experience.

Minnesota at Pittsburgh Antwan Winfield is out.  Troy Polamalu is in.  Big Ben’s line is healthy.  And the Steelers will win by a TD.

Buffalo at Carolina Does Carolina deserve to be 3-3?  Not at all.  But after this game they will be.  Panthers win.

NY Jets at Raiders I’m pretty confident that the Jets have jet to fix what is wrong with them.  The Raiders may never fix what is ailing them, but they’ll very visibly look like the best team on the field today.  Both Mark Sanchez and JaMarcus Russell are young quarterbacks whose best days in the league might already be behind them.

Chicago at Cincinnati The Bengals are the team who is better in the trenches, and the Bears are the team will will win this game.

Atlanta at Dallas Because of the way they can run the football, and toss the football, and kick the football, I think the Cowboys can outlast the Falcons, who have some minor issues to sort out.

New Orleans at Miami Miami can do a lot of things to attack Gregg Williams defense, but they can’t do it in a manner that would catch Drew Brees and the Saints, who will light up the scoreboard against Miami rookie CBs Vontae Davis and Sean Smith.

Arizona at NY Giants If this game was happening between the 09 Cardinals and the 08 Giants, the match-up would probably favor the Cardinals.  However, with the G-Men really spinning the football in the passing game, and Eli Manning looking comfortable in the pocket, the improvement in the Cardinals run game will not mean much.  Giants throw it, and win big.

Philadelphia at Washington Washington’s defensive line is going to surprise a lot of people with it’s dominance of the Eagles’ OL, but a Redskins win would require Donovan McNabb to struggle against the rush.  Of course, he probably will.  I’m taking the Eagles anyway.

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