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Week 6 NFL Picks

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Week six already?  Holy crap!

Season Record: 45-31 (59%)

Houston at Cincinnati If this game comes down to Carson Palmer picking on the Texans “secondary” in a game winning drive situation, then you have to like them.  But who says it won’t be the Texans who have the ball last?

Detroit at Green Bay Calvin Johnson, out.  Matt Stafford, out.  Mark Tauscher, in.  Better protection gives the Packers a comfortable victory.

St. Louis at Jacksonville St. Louis will come closer to a win this week then they have at any point in the past five weeks, but the Jaguars should be expected to hold on and win.

Baltimore at Minnesota The Vikings have a lot of offensive holes that I expect the Ravens to be able to attack, but in a close one, the Vikings are still the most complete team at this point in the year.

NY Giants at New Orleans The Giants may be a great team, but coming off of the bye, the Saints appear to be an unbeatable team.  They’ll win.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh Troy Polamalu returns, Derek Anderson stays.  Steelers in a blowout.

Carolina at Tampa Bay The Bucs are slowly improving under Raheem Morris, but the Panthers can keep them winless for at least one more week.

Kansas City at Washington The Redskins, for all of their faults, are undefeated at home this year, and Kansas City will not end that.  I’m taking Washington.

Philadelphia at Oakland I could abstain from picking, but I’d like the free point, so I’ll take the Eagles by a 17-21 point margin.

Arizona at Seattle The Cardinals managed a thoroughly unimpressive victory against the Texans with a horrendous second half that featured a INT returned for a TD, a goal line stand, and a lot of awful football.  This week, they’ll fall to the Seahawks.

Tennessee at New England I really think Tennessee has a good shot against a reeling Patriots team, but I still don’t see the Pats losing in consecutive weeks.  It’ll be close.

Buffalo at NY Jets Those three weeks were fun while they lasted, but they dumped the Bills at 1-2, and since then, the complete lack of talent on this team has carried the day.  Today, the Jets rebound easily.

Chicago at Atlanta Last year, the Falcons had a game winning FG drive that spanned six seconds and one play to take a win from Kyle Orton.  This year, they’ll beat Jay Cutler, and won’t take til the last second.  Maybe the last minute.  Falcons.

Denver at San Diego San Diego needs this win in the worst way, or their consecutive string of playoff apperances and division titles could be over in October.  I think the Chargers will get this win by the skins of their teeth.

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