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Because of Bearcats, its Time to Respect the Big East

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Quick, pick the better conference: Big East or Big Ten?

Most people would agree that the Big Ten has been down the last year and a half (after all, Penn State did win it).  But the same people would likely argue that the gap between the Big Ten and the Big East is bigger than the gap between the Big East and the Mountain West.  There’s being down, like the Big Ten, and then there’s being out, like the Big East.  It’s a basketball conference, it’s not a profitable conference, it’s made up of programs that were C-USA programs less than ten years ago.

But you know what: while you might be able to look at where traditional powers Pitt and Michigan are and determine that both typify the state of their conferences, while noting that the depth of the Big Ten is stronger.

But when you talk about quality programs, I don’t want to hear about Ohio State or Penn State.  Because this year, Cincinnati is better than both of them.

Prior to his left arm injury tonight, Cincinnati QB Tony Pike was a legitimate leading candidate for the Heisman.  Who is the best player in the Big Ten, again?  Tate Forcier?  Can’t be.  Terrell Pryor?  Not yet.  Darryl Clark?  Barf.  The best offensive player in the big ten right now is either Penn State RB Evan Royster, Illinois WR Arrelious Benn, Wisconsin RB John Clay, or Iowa OL Kyle Calloway.

There’s star power in the Big Ten, but it’s all hype.  Meanwhile, the Big East as a conference is in under the radar, despite having West Virginia, South Florida, Rutgers, and Cincinnati making up 1/2 of the conference.  Pittsburgh is a historical powerhouse who is a fringe top 25 team this year.  But because of Louisville, UConn, and Syracuse (which has it’s own star power if not any additional success), this is a weak conference?  I’m sorry, that’s not adding up.  Cincinnati is a better program than any in the Big Ten (possible exception Ohio State) and the Pac Ten (exception: SC).  If the Big East isn’t deep, it’s not deep because it has only 8 teams in it.  Which is not an argument.

Not only is the Big East not the worst conference in Division 1’s FBS division, and not only is it not an extension of a mid-major conference, it’s probably stronger than the two conferences that comprise the Rose Bowl game.  There’s tradition, and then there’s empty hype.  For all the detractors of the Big East, well, their arguments are empty indeed.

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