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Week Two NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-8.

Not a good start; I might have well flipped a coin.  This week, I’ll do better.

Carolina at Atlanta

The Panthers need this win a lot more than the Falcons do, but their problems are very real and I’m not sure that if they couldn’t correct them in an entire offseason, that this week is going to be any kinder.  With a small improvement for Jake Delhomme, this will be a close game, and the Falcons aren’t a great team yet in my eyes, but until further notice, I’ll take the Falcons to outlast.

Minnesota at Detroit

The Lions’ home opener would be a great chance to snap the 18-game losing streak, but the Lions defense hasn’t come far enough for me to give them a realistic chance.  They could begin 0-4 beforer they make that jump to respectable after the bye.  Easy win for the Vikings.

Cincinnati at Green Bay

A lot of pundits are thinking the Packers will win by a two TD margin, but I’m not even sure they will score two TD’s.  Both these defenses are for real, in my eyes, and this game probably means more to the Packers who need to get off to a 2-0 start with their first two games at home to keep pace in the NFC North.  The schedule is not kind to them later, and on that note, I’ll take Green Bay in a close one.

Arizona at Jacksonville

If this Cardinals team couldn’t handle the 49ers pass rush, then the new multiple-D looks of the Jaguars should be able to frusterate Kurt Warner into many turnovers.  Jags in a blowout.

Oakland at Kansas City

Kansas City’s effort in Baltimore was strong, but it also looked a lot closer than it really was.  This game is right there for the Raiders’ taking, which of course means that I don’t expect them to go out and win it.  Chiefs.

New England at NY Jets

A lot of people think Mark Sanchez can beat the Patriots, but well, USC lost yesterday, I have Carson Palmer going down, and Matt Cassel struggling against the Raiders…this probably isn’t the best week to be a USC quarterback.  The Patriots will make this game academic by the third quarter.

New Orleans at Philadelphia

Kevin Kolb’s getting the start, but I don’t think it matters.  Kolb may or may not do well, but his offensive line is decimated, and nobody is going to stop the Saints the way they are playing right now.  Saints.

Houston at Tennessee

Houston needs this win, but they aren’t going to get it.  They have not made any strides on defense because they will not fix the fundamental coverage issues.  Titans win.

St. Louis at Washington

No idea what to make of the Rams right now, so I will cautiously pick the Redskins to win by two TD’s.

Tampa Bay at Buffalo

Buffalo is more funadmentally flawed than Tampa is, but their players are better prepared right now than Tampa’s are, and Buffalo seems like a safe pick to get a win.

Seattle at San Francisco

One of these teams is too flawed to get to 2-0, in my opinion, and it’s not the Seahawks.

Pittsburgh at Chicago

This game, in the words of Lee Corso, will be “closer than the experts expect”, but the Steelers are a better team without Troy Polamalu than the Bears are without Brian Urlacher.  This will be a seven point victory for the world champion Steelers.

Cleveland at Denver

Brady Quinn nearly won his first career start against Denver last year, but he was bested by Jay Cutler.  If most of the other variables remain the same, the Browns will win this game.

Baltimore at San Diego

This is a better matchup than Giants-Cowboys, and even though they are ravaged by injury, I think Philip Rivers is too good to not lead his team to victory in the home opener.  The Chargers win.

NY Giants at Dallas

The Giants may have the deeper roster and the better prospects, but the Dallas Cowboys are the better, healthier football team right now, so I think the Cowboys will win.

Indianapolis at Miami

With Anthony Gonzalez out, Marvin Harrison gone, and Joseph Addai not performing up to his immense promise, Peyton Manning is trying to once again work miracles on offense.  Chad Pennington has made a career out of winning big games like these, and he will do it again for the Dolphins on Monday Night.

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